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Loving Simone by Jessica Tilles et al


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"When they tell you who they are, believe them." Dr. Maya Angelou


This is the story of a young woman who explores questions about her marriage, her sexuality and herself.

From the outside, Simone has the perfect life and family. However, the inside tells of a different story.

After ten years of being the faithful, dutiful wife and mother, Simone desperately struggles with releasing the hidden desires of pleasure she can't seem to get from her husband, causing her to turn to self-fulfillment and outside influences.

Jackson is too busy focusing on the women who work for him, self indulgence, and sticking his pole in every hole, rather than his wife.

Darius is every woman's dream and has had a crush on Simone since he was a teen. When their paths cross, all of Simone's inhibitions are released and finally someone is Loving Simone. 


"Now this project is a true blessing sent by God.

It was refreshing meeting a new group of wonderful people (yes, my characters are people) who embraced me and allowed me to share in their world, night after night.

Now, from the looks of the cover and the title, one would assume that Loving Simone is romance.  It would definitely be a change from the gritty, in your face, hot-buttered sex my fan base expects from me. But, no, Loving Simone is not purely romance because I refuse to stick to genre rules when I'm writing. However, those familiar with my works will see this as my taking a step up, if you will.

Enjoy, Loving Simone. I know I certainly did!" Jessica Tilles




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