Apple Tree

Second Publication: Summer 2024

Original Publication: May 2004

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Apple Tree has undergone a transformation. After 24 years of writing, editing, writing, and editing more, I’ve learned a great deal. I wanted to take all that I’ve learned and re-write/re-edit my previously published novels, starting with Loving Simone. I’ve designed new book covers and livened up the interior for a more enjoyable read. The new Apple Tree will be released in 2024. So, stay tuned and excited!

Jalisha followed Camille’s rules to the letter. When she broke a rule, her innocence became a thing of the past.
Eight-year-old Corine loved and admired her sister dearly and would do anything for her, even if it meant taking a life.
Self-absorbed Camille loved her tricks more than she loved her daughters.
Apple Tree is the story of love, betrayal, and the loss of innocence.