Erogenous Zone: An Intimate Voyage

Second Publication: Spring 2024

Original Publication: July 2007

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Erogenous Zone: A Sexual Voyage has transformed. After 24 years of writing, editing, writing, and editing more, I’ve learned a great deal. I wanted to take all that I’ve learned and re-write/re-edit my previously published novels, starting with Loving Simone. I’ve designed new book covers and livened up the interior for a more enjoyable read. The new Erogenous Zone: An Intimate Voyage will be released in 2024. So, stay tuned and excited!

Erogenous Zones are those areas of the body that arouse sexual desire. Erogenous has two general meanings: 1) The genitals or breasts, which when stimulated produce pleasurable sensations, and 2) Those areas of the female body which men find sexually arousing and which women alter or adorn to attract the male eye.

Erogenous Zone: An Intimate Voyage is an erotic anthology as richly diverse as it is startlingly original, with delicacy and daring, rapacity and repose, exultant lyricism and icy lucidity—from the warmly sensual to the explosively cutting-edge, from the playfully amoral to the profoundly moving, this sensual collection will tease, touch, seduce, arouse, inspire you, and get you hot! Within the pages of this intimate voyage lies some of the hottest, most sensual, stimulating stories you will have the pleasure of reading—a collection of beautifully written pieces that will surely make you hot by tickling your erogenous zone and through mental stimulation.