In My Sisters’ Corner

Second Publication: COMING 2021

Original Publication: November 2003

AUTHOR’S NOTE: In My Sisters’ Corner has undergone a transformation. After 20 years of writing, editing, writing, and editing more, I’ve learned a great deal. I wanted to take all that I’ve learned and re-write/re-edit my previously published novels, starting with Loving Simone. I’ve designed new book covers and livened up the interior for a more enjoyable read. The new In My Sisters’ Corner will release in 2021. So, stay tuned and excited!

Meet four sisters who are all going through the normal ups and downs of life. Well, not quite the everyday repetitive trials and tribulations, but more like complete chaos, confirming no one is excluded from seeking around-the-clock professional help. Like most sisters, Free, Jade, China, and Maya Howard have always been close, until they grew up, following their own dreams that pulled them in different directions. Their lives are not turning out to be the fairytale lives they once dreamed of having.