Fatal Desire

Second Publication: Summer 2024

Original Publication: May 2006

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Fatal Desire has undergone a transformation. After 24 years of writing, editing, writing, and editing more, I’ve learned a great deal. I wanted to take all that I’ve learned and re-write/re-edit my previously published novels, starting with Loving Simone. I’ve designed new book covers and livened up the interior for a more enjoyable read. The new Fatal Desire will be released in 2024. So, stay tuned and excited!

Meet three women who form the classic unholy trinity—desperate, depressed, and sometimes, downright depraved!
Jamaica, Maxine, and Tillie fall for the worst in men while giving their best. Unfortunately, their best is tinged with their own secrets, issues, and weaknesses. Will these three friends, who claim they want the proverbial “good man,” be the kind of women who attract Mr. Right instead of Mr. He’ll-Do-For-The-Weekend or a fatality?