Sixteen years ago, Julian knew and told Grace that someday he would marry her the first day they met. He imagined living and loving his Gracie forever, never anticipating the unexpected would occur. Now, Julian’s struggle to come to terms with the inevitable battle of losing the love of his life pushes them both beyond physical and emotional pain as he tries to accept her fate.

Loving You is a gut-wrenching tale of unconditional love that shows how one can go beyond living for the moment to enable a deeper value of an innate love beyond the surface.





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Review by Patricia, December 7, 2019




“Teary-eyed listen”

“When you get married, you never know where life will take you. Julian saw Gracie sixteen years ago, and it was love at first sight. He told her that day she was going to be the one he marries. They have been happily married and now life has taken a turn. Gracie’s illness is not getting better and the two are coming to terms with it, but in completely different ways. Jessica Tilles compassionately writes this story as we hear Gracie and how her strength, faith and love from Julian has given her the ability to face her path. She also adds Julian with his anger and frustration of knowing his life will be forever changed. It’s sad, realistic and richly inspirational all wrapped up in 2 hours. A very telling tale of true love.

Kelley Hazen is an amazing storyteller and she truly enhances the story. Her rich voice brings the emotional story so much feeling that I was caught up in it. I love Gracie, with her spunk and wisdom and could hear her resolution through Hazen’s performance. She then gives us Julian, with his fierce love, inability to give up and pain knowing he can not help her with such a voice that will bring the tears to your eyes and make you want the same kind of love these two have. I enjoyed her performance.”