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“Artfully crafting a tale of twists, turns, and consequences,
Jessica Tilles returns to the literary world with a well-written,
brilliantly executed BANG! Let’s Freakin’ GO!”

–William Fredrick Cooper, ESSENCE Bestselling Author of
Unbreakable and There’s Always A Reason

Malcolm and Kennedy Ellis, college sweethearts and proud parents look forward to their newfound empty-nest status as they send their daughter, Lindsay, off to Hampton University. However, their excitement turns to shock when they discover Malcolm’s long-buried indiscretion. As the truth comes to light, the Ellis family must confront the secrets of Malcolm’s past and navigate the complexities of newfound family dynamics.

Maceo Hicks and Zora Vaughn’s love story began in the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Their whirlwind long-distance romance leads to Maceo making a life-changing decision and moving to Maryland to be with Zora, hoping to build a future together. However, their love is tested when an indiscretion threatens to unravel their storybook romance and the possibility of a forever together. As trust is questioned and hearts are torn, Zora and Maceo must decide if love can conquer all.

Keith and LaTonya Jordan share a deep and passionate love, but their world is turned upside down when Keith’s indiscretion rocks the foundation of their marriage. LaTonya is left with a heart torn between forgiveness and moving on without him. As they grapple with the aftermath of betrayal, the Jordans must confront their vulnerabilities and face the ultimate decision—can they rebuild their love or is it time to part ways?

Indiscretions weaves together the stories of these three couples, exploring the complexities of love, forgiveness, and redemption. Through a journey of heartache and hope, these couples must confront their past mistakes, challenge their notions of love, and ultimately discover what it means to find solace and understanding in life’s most challenging choices.