Crossing Sisters

Crossing Sisters is the spin-off of Jessica Tilles’s best-selling novel, In My Sisters’ Corner, and picks up where the original story left off.

Although China’s life shattered into a million pieces when her husband of twenty years committed suicide, she continues to annoy Maya, criticizing and indulging in monumental arguments, and spewing her hateful venom. However, when ugly secrets are revealed, China and Maya begin to question their relationship and love for each other.

Free is madly in love with Sam and is elated to accept his proposal of marriage, despite a devastating loss, and Jade is happily in love with Jon.

The sisters are still at each others’ throats, but will an unexpected trip to Montego Bay and a tragic accident change their lives, their love and their attitude toward each other?

Crossing Sisters is a highly entertaining page-turner from acclaimed author Jessica Tilles that explores the meaning of love and sisterhood through tragic life-changing events.

ISBN: 978-0-9845273-4-2 | June 15, 2011

“This book took me over one year to write. I never take that long with a book, but after all I was the full-time caretaker for my father, who was called to heaven on February 16, 2011. I really miss my daddy. But…

After numerous emails from you, I forged ahead with writing the sequel to In My Sisters’ Corner. It wasn’t easy, as I had forgotten a lot of what I had written. Honestly, I did not want to revisit that book and learn those characters all over again. But, duty called and I did just that. And, I hope you’re pleased with the end result, Crossing Sisters.

I’m glad you made me write the sequel. Although reluctant, I enjoyed breathing new life into Maya, China, Jade and Free, and revisiting Veronica, Sam, Jon, and Paul. I’ve also introduced a new character: Reginald Anthony Hamilton, Maya’s sexy and absolutely gorgeous new man. Talk about yummy! Sam is still around and is making Free happier than ever. I was going to put some nasty skeletons in his closet, but I didn’t want to destroy Free’s happiness.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!” — Jessica Tilles


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