Anything Goes

Book #1 in the Raven trilogy

Anything Goes is a fast-paced, intriguing tale of deceit, murder, revenge, and betrayal.

What pushed Raven over the edge, into a fury of lustful revenge, over-the-top sex, and unimaginable betrayal?

Raven is twenty-seven and single, carrying the weight of the devil on her shoulder, no thanks to Jay who jilted her at the altar. After Jay, Raven meets Ramone, falls in lust and discovers Ramone’s dirty little secret. Then there is Chas Walker, Ramone’s best friend, who is working his way into her life, hoping to make an honest woman of her. Morgan Carrington, Raven’s sister, lives for the day that Raven will redeem herself and do away with her evil ways, while Raven wishes she was in Morgan’s shoes. The plot is simple. Raven is a slut, who envies her sister and doesn’t care how her actions affect others, so long as she gets exactly what she wants.

ISBN: 0-9722990-0-9 | Published: August 2002


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