Apple Tree

Does a rotten seed always guarantee bad fruit? Can a mother’s sexuality influence her daughter?

Apple Tree is the story of love, betrayal and the loss of innocence. Jalisha followed her mother Camille’s rules to the letter. When she broke a rule, her innocence became her past. Jalisha’s younger sister, Corine, loved and admired her dearly and would do anything for her, even if it meant taking a life. Self-absorbed Camille loved her tricks more than she loved her daughters.

ISBN: 0-9722990-2-5 | Published: June 2004


Hmm… I’m not sure where I pulled Apple Tree from, but I wrote this book when I had writer’s block working on Sweet Revenge. That’s what I’ll do; when I have writer’s block, I’ll start on a new book. Corine and Jalesha drew me in instantly, from the first scene of them hunched down behind the door, watching their mother turn her last trick for the night.

Although this book is about young girls, it is not…I REPEAT…is not to be read by young girls. The sex is off the chain, and raw, and I wouldn’t want anyone under the age of 18 years old to read it.

The original cover was with a young girl on it, and after learning that young girls were buying the book because of the cover, I quickly changed it!

Apple Tree is one of my favorites, too. Not sure if I’ll bring back Jalesha and Corine. Although, I am a little curious to know what they’re up to now. Aren’t you?” — Jessica Tilles


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