In My Sisters’ Corner

Meet four sisters who are all going through the normal ups and downs of life. Well, not quite the every day repetitive trials and tribulations, but more like complete chaos, confirming that no one is excluded from seeking around-the-clock professional help.

Like most sisters, Free, China, Jade, and Maya had always been close, until they grew up; following their own dreams that pulled them in different directions. unfortunately, their lives did not turn out to be the fairytale lives they once dreamed of having. Can the bond between sisters be broken or strengthened? Find the answer in In My Sisters’ Corner.

ISBN: 0-9722990-1-7  | September 2003

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Howard sisters. They are full of spunk and attitude…serious attitudes! What I loved most about writing this novel was creating characters that you loved to love and loved to hate. I’ve received so many emails from sisters who said that reading In My Sisters’ Corner helped them to cope with what was going on in their lives and relationships with their sisters. How amazing! It’s a wonderful feeling when your book touches a person.” — Jessica Tilles