Fatal Desire

Jamaica Kingston is sick and tired of being sick and tired in Fatal Desire. She’s had her share of faulty relationships, mediocre sex, and constant disappointments. When she meets the man of her dreams, and all is peaches and cream, she discovers a secret that could possibly send her to an early grave.

Maxine and Tillie fall for the worst in men while giving their best. Unfortunately, their best is tinged with their own secrets, issues, and weaknesses. Will these three friends who claim they want the proverbial “good man” be the kind of women who attract Mr. Right instead of Mr. He’ll-Do-For-The-Weekend? Or will they continue to fall for whatever little crumbs are dropped their way?

ISBN: 0-9722990-5-X | Published: June 2007

“This book was a step into writing something different. I truly enjoyed it. My first romance/drama. It is a beautiful story, using a culmination of my wonderful friends. When they read it, they’ll see themselves in every character.” —Jessica Tilles