I help writers become authors and independent publishers.

I've seen and heard it all. Twenty-one years in the literary industry taught me a few things: I love writing and self-publishing, I love working with like minds, aka authors, and I am extremely passionate about the literary industry, to a fault.

My passion for authors and their words drives me to motivate and encourage them to grow. Let me share my passion with your audience to help them get “unstuck” so they can write their best book and share it with the world through self-publishing. 

Whether it's unraveling the mysteries of self-publishing, coaching on the art of storytelling, or explaining the hottest trends in book marketing, I can help every member of your group find a new level of confidence as an author. I’ve been where they are and I can tell them how to move forward toward meeting their goal.

Keynotes. Panels. Workshops. Webinars.

I love helping authors, so if your local writers' group needs guidance on self-publishing or your annual conference needs a keynote speaker, I entertain while educating. I can speak with your group on any of the following (live or digital):

  1. Build Your Following and Watch Your Sales Increase — This in-depth discussion on list building will show you how to build your fanbase and increase book sales.
  2. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Uncovering the Truth about Vanity Publishers — Protect your group from becoming prey to publishing scammers. 
  3. Don't Be Bamboozled by a Bad Book Editor — Everything your group needs to know about working with a book editor and how to avoid a bad experience.
  4. Your Book Marketing Recipe for Sizzling Sales — From social media to your website to an email list, I'll cover everything you need to know so you can create an authentic platform and do the author thing forever.
  5. Self-Publishing Class: Become an A+ Indie Author — We'll follow the Pre-Publishing Checklist straight to indie success.
  6. Wherefore Art Thou, Finished Novel? Fall in Love with Writing Again — More words written, no poison necessary. 

Additionally, my presentation doesn’t end with the above. I will open the floor to questions on any topic about publishing.